Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Strength & Recovery Set

299 kr 348 kr

Hair Strength Shampoo helps with oily hair; supplies necessary nutrients and vitamins; and improves the overall strength of the hair. With its moisturizing properties, it protects the hair and prevents dry skin. The scent is treated with a natural eucalyptus aroma.

Hair Recovery Conditioner is a perfect complement to the shampoo in that it forms a protective layer that protects and holds on to the natural nutrients to ultimately repair the hair strands.

After each wash, the hair's natural fat layer is washed away, leaving the hair dry, fragile and susceptible to damage such as split ends. Recovery Conditioner's composition helps create a protective layer, suitable for all hair types, to replace the greasy layer.

The Recovery Conditioner adds a protective layer that makes it possible to reduce dryness and heat damage up to 232°C. It makes the hair more resistant and acts as "anti-frizz" throughout the day.

The main ingredients help create a lipid-based film around the hair and penetrate the hair shaft to deeply moisturize and repair the hair shaft. This protective membrane improves the hair's suppleness, strength and shine.


1. Clean the hair.

2. Use a moderate amount of shampoo; adjust for hair length.

3. Massage directly into the hair and scalp.

4. Clean the hair.

5. Use Hair Recovery Conditioner+ afterwards.

  • Vegan
  • Perfume-free

Expected delivery in 4 weeks.