The Danish Health Authority has per 29/11 introduced corona passports and masks in, among other things public transport, supermarkets and liberal professions such as beauty clinics.

Beauty Boosters is a beauty service that goes out to private homes and businesses. You cannot make demands on private homes, which is why we cannot require presentation of a corona passport, mask etc. private. We can therefore only recommend that you have a valid corona passport, including completed vaccination or a valid rapid or PCR test. Our therapists in any case have a valid corona passport, are fully vaccinated and/or have a valid test before your treatment, for your and their safety. From 29 November 2021, our therapists will wear a mask during the entire treatment and you are recommended to have the same, but it is not a requirement in your private home. Our therapists have also gone through an extraordinary covid-19 course and ensure thorough decontamination and cleaning of materials and tools.

If you have symptoms, feel sluggish or have been in close contact, please cancel your appointment, so as soon as you have the opportunity.

If you have questions about our covid-19 handling, contact us at or +45 71786575