Maria's beauty tips (part 2)

Our dear makeup artist Maria, is ready with more beauty tips that you can use in everyday life. This time she has been helped by one of our other skilled makeup artists named Sabine and Cecilie.


To get more volume in the brows, you can draw the brows up a little with an eye shadow or a brow pen. Here I would definitely recommend Urban Decay brown blade brow pencil. Brush the brows slightly upwards for more fullness, possibly finish with xlash eyebrow conditioner.

If you want a more durable result, you can advantageously have a brow lift done by our therapist, Sabine.

Book appointment for brow lift her


These effective eyelash serums have found their way to our hearts With regular use, you can achieve the long, seductive lashes you've always dreamed of.

Xlash pro DKK 429

Nanolash DKK 289

M2 Beauté DKK 990

Bonus tip:

We also recommend the Dior show maximizer 3D serum to care for and protect your natural lashes. It can be used either alone or as a treatment under your mascara, where it protects and cares for your lashes, all day, while adding volume.



We have discovered an absolutely fantastic shampoo series from kerastase called Extensionniste.

It helps with dry, worn lengths, and is perfect for those of you who want stronger and healthier hair. The shampoo contains keratin, ceamides, melanin acid, which penetrates the hair and gives the damaged ends a seal. In addition, the product cleans the hair in depth and stimulates your scalp.

We recommend that you use conditioner and the hair treatment for that . / Sabine MUA and Hairdresser

2.Volume If you lack life and volume in your hair, we highly recommend Kevin Murphy Body Builder. It simply needs to be sprayed into wet hair and blow-dried. In addition, it is absolutely non-greasy and you can easily postpone washing your hair for a day or two. 3. Care

Uniq One is a fantastic leave-in hair treatment that leaves your hair soft and shiny. Use it when your hair feels dry and dull. It should only be sprayed in and should not be rinsed out. It simply doesn't get any easier!

Remember you can always make an appointment for treatment if you want to be sure of a perfect look!


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