Lockdown home care for your nails

It is important to take care of your nails to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Even if you miss your treatment this month due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will share our knowledge to help keep your nails in top shape until we see you again.



How to do it:


Don't mess with your shellac


If you haven't had a chance to get your shellac removed before the last treatment, resist the urge to start peeling the polish off.

You risk damaging your natural nail.

To keep your nails healthy, remove shellac using acetone. It may take some time, but your nails will thank you.We promise!


Use nail oil


Nail oil is your best friend between treatments Nail oil is a moisturizing product for your nails and cuticles. Not only does it prevent your nails from becoming weak and soft, but it can also help increase circulation around your nails to stimulate growth.


File your nails


To keep the desired length and shape, remember to file them once in a while. Make sure your hands and nails are clean and dry and use a good quality file. Don't press too hard while filing your nails.


Use nail polish


Use any a strengthening nail polish to protect and strengthen your nails between treatments. After this, you can always finish with a color of your choice or a top coat. Topcoats add extra shine and can help your nail polish last a little longer.


We hope you can use these tips and we can't wait to see you again as soon as we are able to open! Book an appointment for your next treatment now and avoid waiting when we reopen.


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